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Aircraft on Ground - Emergency Support

FTI's AOG Support Team is available 7 days a week to help with your maintenance situation. Please fill out the form below and include as much information as possible. A dedicated FTI AOG Team personnel will respond to your request within 24 hours. If the AOG request requires FTI to ship an item during a weekend or holiday closure, the order will be subject to an additional expedite support fee.

If your AOG requires CB Sleeves, CB Tooling, and/or MEN Nosecaps - please contact Wesco Aircraft AOG Support Hotline below. FTI has partnered with Wesco to hold an extensive inventory of CB Tooling to reduce lead times and support AOG situations.

Wesco Aircraft AOG Hotline
US & Canada Locations: 844-743-9220
International Locations: 661-600-9461
Email: Sales.AOGTeam@wescoair.com

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If your browser is unable to submit the request form above, please email us (aog@fatiguetech.com) directly with the Aircraft and Part(s) required. Thank you.