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Fatigue Technology, Seattle, WA -- July 1, 2014

Fatigue Technology (FTI) is proud to be a returning top tier sponsor for the 2014 University of Washington’s Formula Motorsports Team. The team consists of over 80 mechanical engineering students who design and construct a formula-style racing car to compete in national and international competitions held by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). UW has been competing for over 25 years and took first place in the 2013 Formula SAE Lincoln Airpark competition.

This year, the UW FSAE team is using FTI’s ForceMate bushings in the differential mounts of their combustion engine vehicle and plans to incorporate additional FTI products in the future as they continually seek ways to improve the performance, weight, and durability of their vehicle.

The 2014 combustion engine car and electric car were unveiled on May 1, 2014 and will start competing this summer. To learn more about the team, please visit http://www.uwashingtonfsae.com.

UW FSAE Installs ForceMate Bushing UW FSAE Unveiled UW FSAE Installs ForceMate Bushing

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