Cold expansion products in Bridges & Infrastructure Industry

Metal fatigue is a serious problem to the world?s infrastructure. Fatigue cracks in metal bridges are caused by aging, corrosion, and cyclical stresses and are proving to be a major safety concern for today?s society. Structural failure on these bridges can cause catastrophic loss of life and result in costing tax payer billions of dollars in repairs, rebuilds, and transportation delays.

Fatigue Technology (FTI) is the industry leader in providing real-world solutions to fatigue cracks in metal structures. For over forty years, FTI has solved metal fatigue issues throughout the aerospace industry and has adapted this technology for use in the infrastructure industry. We have adapted this engineering knowledge to develop innovation solutions for today?s bridge and infrastructure maintenance industry.

FTI's Cold Expansion technology has been packaged into an all new mobile and flexible repair kit (StopCrackEX). To learn more about the technology behind this repair and review case studies of current applications - please visit the StopCrackEX product page or contact us for additional information.