Cold expansion products in Marine Industry

FTI?s cold expansion processes are applicable for any metal or composite application including marine or ship structure where it can be employed to prevent/arrest cracks in critical areas of the hull, masts, or various other locations. Cold expansion has been used to prevent and arrest cracking around upper deck windows of vehicular ferries to avoid using other enhancement methods such as reinforcing doublers (which can alter the structural dynamics and center of gravity of the superstructure). Other technologies such as ForceMate and the blind fastening systems have been used in hull restoration projects.

FTI?s unique StopCrackEX system uses our expanded ForceMate bushings to arrest cracks in primary steel structure and web members. It has proven very effective in steel infrastructure and bridges and would be equally effective in ship hulls and superstructure.

Our specialty products adapted and designed for use in aerospace composite structures are well suited for high performance yachts and composites hull designs. Contact FTI for more information about how these aerospace derived technologies can be adapted to your marine applications either in new construction or as cost effective long term repair solutions.