Cold expansion products in Military Industry

Fatigue Technology (FTI) products are a critical sustainment solution to numerous military platforms around the globe. From fighter fixed wing and rotary aircraft to cargo and long range surveillance vehicles, FTI products are applied to United States and Allied Aircraft to increase structural enhancement, reduce maintenance downtime, reduce corrosion and prolong fleet airworthiness and sustainment.

Military aircraft are often subject to in-service repairs and maintenance that need to be carried out in the field. For such platforms, FTI has designed and delivered custom kits with military grade specifications and durability.

FTI is accustomed to working with government and military operations across the United States and Internationally through OEMs, MROs, and operators.
To learn more about how FTI products can be used to keep aging aircraft in service and position new production aircraft to achieve greater performance ? please feel free to contact us or continue exploring our products and technology.