FTI Receives Northrop Grumman Platinum Source Preferred Award

Northrop Grumman has awarded Fatigue Technology with it's 5th straight Platinum Source Preferred Award (13th overall). The award recognizes top tier suppliers that achieve distinction in product quality, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction, and robust, lean processes.

Fatigue Technology continually strives to perform at the highest level for all customers in both product quality and on-time delivery. Additionally, each day steps are made to improve customer satisfaction and streamline internal processes for more efficient day-to-day operations.

We always appreciate honest and open communication - so please visit our customer feedback page if you have any comments or suggestions you'd like to share.


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Uw Incorporates Aerospace Technology Into Formula Racecars

Fatigue Technology (FTI) is proud to be a returning top tier sponsor for the 2014 University of Washington?s Formula Motorsports Team. The team consists of over 80 mechanical engineering students who design and construct a formula-style racing car to compete in national and international competitions held by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).