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FTI service teams are readily available and certified to perform FTI product installation/repairs on military or commercial aircraft around the world to meet your schedule. By utilizing FTI’s service teams you can capture multiple benefits including; time savings on employee training, reduced aircraft down time, and savings associated with coordination and management of purchased tooling and materials.

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F-16 Service Team -- International Military Based Repair Team

From Utah, Arizona, and Alaska to Italy, Bahrain, and Korea - FTI’s F-16 Service Team has traveled around the globe performing wing repairs on crucial structural components. As of 2014, FTI has completed all F-16 wings repairs with a 100% success rate and saved US and Foreign Partners over $250 million in new wing replacement costs.

The pylon rib wing repair was developed by FTI collaborating with the USAF to develop a bushing based repair for corrosion in the structural attach points for external fuel tanks on the F-16. Without the repair, an aircraft with corrosion in the pylon rib may not have full mission capability due to service restrictions from potential loss of strength in the affected area. The repair is performed with the wing still attached to the aircraft, thereby returning the aircraft to unrestricted service at substantial cost savings and minimal downtime compared to alternative repair or wing replacement options. The complexity of the repair, the cost and logistics associated with the tooling and equipment, and the impact of wait time on combat readiness, favor a factory trained and certified team. The USAF chose FTI’s Service Team for this repair because they are experienced with USAF procedures, aircraft, and cold expansion technology.

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